Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions



Dear Clients, by having access to our services in this website, you need to agree to our terms and conditions, which are presented herein (“the agreement”).

This page demonstrates the connection between you and the, therefore as a client, you should go through it carefully and understand it well. 

We advise clients to contact us via email, whenever they have questions regarding anything on our website or queries about our terms and conditions.  

Our responsibility towards you

As, we work as a “Booking Agent” or intermediary for both products and services, which are never directly offered by us. Some of these products and services include hotel accommodation, cruises, meals, tours, ground transportation, and air carriage among others. For this reason, we cannot be regarded as co-vendors for such products as well as services, therefore, the customer has no right to claim for any financial reimbursement. 

In case the contract for was terminated or the company stopped operating, any prior bookings made by the customers will be fully refunded. 

Your responsibility as a client

As, we wish our clients happy trips, however, it is important to note that you are solely responsible for any of your actions as well as the consequences that may come as a result of the trips.  

Moreover, provided that the company recognizes that your behaviour may affect the suppliers, agents or the employees, the company might cancel your booking and you will be asked at your personal expense to leave your accommodation. 

Website Terms and Conditions

Any client that transacts business with our company should be at least 18 years. Also, the client should have the legal right to make a binding legal obligation. 

As a client, you should have a legal responsibility to engage in this agreement as well as request for our products and services in our website based on the terms and conditions that will be presented below. Moreover, when you have access and use our website, you agree to bear both legal and financial responsibility to the transaction conducted. These terms do not apply if the client’s account is used by parties such as minors in the client’s household. 

You agree to manage and bear full responsibility for any user that gets access to the website through your user name or account. is obliged to secure the client’s personal and confidential information, provided that he/she has an account with our website. However, it should be noted that the client is entrusted with the full responsibility to supervise his/her own data. 

The Terms and Conditions of the Supplier

Whenever a client buys any products or services from the, there are more terms and condition on top of the prior terms and conditions once your booking is confirmed. Therefore, you automatically enter into an agreement with the selected service.

 For instance, when you book, there are various services as well as cancellation policies that you agree to and you are strictly obligated to obey all the rules and policies that are dictated with the selected supplier. 

It should be understood that there are some cases when the supplier may reject bookings, however it is possible for the client to replace the service with another similar service, provided that any differences in the costing is paid or the money can be refunded in case the client refuses the services. 

Booking Terms and Conditions

You should ensure that all the passengers’ names in the booking are accurately written, and each name should be written in the appropriate field. At times, the name of the client is spelled differently or incorrectly from the way it appears on the passport, and in such cases the client is obligate to pay extra charges in order to amend the name. 

Upon completion of the payment process, the client will be given a voucher. The voucher is documented with our company’s book reference number. The reference numbers makes the voucher to be regarded as valid as well as confirmed. 

Sometimes clients may encounter failed voucher delivery due to technical issues, especially while remitting the booking amount, and in such cases the client should call the customer calling centre prior to making another booking. Moreover, will not be responsible for booking duplication. In case of booking duplication, the clients bears financial responsibility. Cancellation booking policies apply in case of booking cancellations. 

Our company has the right to reject clients’ booking. also reserves the right to charge more fees on booking made via the call-center. 

There are cases when wrong prices are displayed in our page due to price updating technicalities, our company reserves the right to withdraw bookings made at such a time. reserves the right to cancel duplicated unpaid booking unless the client is notified of the proceeding. 

Each cancellation request incurs a service fee from, together with a penalty from the supplier. 

Travel Requirements advices its clients to ensure that you have a passport valid for the duration of your trip. (Some destinations require your passport be valid for a certain length of time; in general, 6 months after completion of travel). You may require a visa for travel to some destinations to and via destinations which you are required to travel due to the booking you have made through the Retrip website and it is your responsibility to do so prior to travel. The clients should be aware that some of the countries of destination requires one to fill a transit visa form or they are charged a fee to enter the country. 

It is a sole responsibility for the client to obtain passports and travel visa for their destination countries. Sometimes, it takes some time to secure a travel visa. Therefore, the client should apply for a travel visa in advance prior to the date of travel to avoid any inconveniences. recommends it clients to confirm with the consulate or embassy of the destination country to ensure they have obtained valid visas and passports to their destination(s). will not be held accountable for any of the client’s or the client’s accompanying passengers’ invalid passport or visa, the required insurance documents or vaccinations. 

Payment Methods

A client that books for services from our website can pay for the services using a Credit Card or Sadad. 

Suspicious/ Fraudulent Transactions

Retrip aims to make the bookings safe, simple, and hassle free and hence reviews every booking done. For bookings, wherein we receive an apprehension from concern bank/payment service provider, we would mark the booking as suspicious. Our team would be reaching out through the contact details provided to further validate the reservation. On receipt of desired documents, the booking would be removed from suspicious and considered a valid one. On failure of desired response within stipulated time (as mentioned in the mail), Retrip reserves the right to cancel the ticket and levy the desired charges as applicable.

Copyright Notice

You recognise that each content on this site, including, and not limited to, all the data, information, Software (as presented below), graphs, photographs, typefaces, video, graphics, sounds, music, images, maps, illustrations, icons, designs, written as well as other compilations and material(collectively, regarded as "Content") are’s intellectual property as well as copyrighted works.

Data Protection

We are committed at ensuring that your privacy is protected. Please read our privacy policy which sets out how we intend to use and share any personal data you may choose to share with us through the website.

Delivery policy

After successful completion of a purchase on this website, the client will receive all the transitional receipts in form of “tickets” (i.e. printable e-tickets). Also, any changes or notifications to the ticket may be communicated to the client via their mobile number, and this service is subject to availability. 

If the client provided an invalid email during the booking for a particular service, it is more likely that the client will not receive the ticket. In such cases, will not be held liable, since the client will not be able to receive the ticket via email. 

Disclaimer has put a lot of effort to offer accurate and up-to-date information on its website. Nevertheless, because of the nature of this business, quite often the details are subject to regular and un-foreseen changes. Some of the information presented on our website is based on the information that third parties offer to us. Therefore, cannot guarantee that all the information that third parties provide is accurate, and in case of changes, our company cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or changes. 

The client should always verify the information offered prior to your booking. 


Our company offers secure, simple and safe booking services. The client is recommended to contact the or contact our travel agents whenever they have any dissatisfactions with the company’s services. We will be more than happy to assist as well as do everything possible to make your trip or stay more enjoyable and memorable. 

Any complaint should be submitted by the individual who was personally wronged or the authorized agent. Moreover, the complaint must be attached with the reference number of the client’s booking and supported with proof, evidence as well as data regarding the complaint. Otherwise, will disregard the complaint. 

The company reserves the right to refuse processing a complaint provided that the complaint was not supported by evidence or proof and proceed to claim financial reimbursement. 

Last minute bookings

All International flight bookings that have been booked 4 hours prior to the time of flight departure are categorised as last-minute bookings. 

All Domestic flight bookings that have been booked 3 hours prior to the time of flight departure are also regarded as last-minute bookings. 

Clients who go for last minute booking are responsible for their boarding as well as check-in process at the airport. 

The airline as a sole discretion to confirm flight boarding for clients with last minute bookings. cannot be held responsible in circumstances where the airline denies a client the boarding services or when the client misses the flight and claims refund, change or re-protect of such bookings. The clients should adhere to the rules and policies of the airline regarding the purchased tickets. 

Modifying the terms and conditions has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notification, and the new conditions will be applied as soon as it’s published. The client should note that the conditions will apply retro-actively on the already reserved bookings. Continuing to use our website implies that the client agrees to the new terms and conditions. 

Special prices and promotions

Changes in pricing and price quotations: fixed rates and price quotes are dependent on the suppliers. If the rates or pieces differ from the advertised ones, our company notifies the customers regarding these changes. It is upon the client to accept the new prices or decide to cancel the booking without any extra charges. 

If a promotion is published, it does not apply to all the bookings made prior to the promotion. has the right to chance prices of the services it offers due to changes in the taxation, rates of exchange or any other reason. will not be held responsible in any form or shape for errors that may occur as a result of changes in the exchange rates or enhance demand from the suppliers. 

Hotel Details displays what is regarded as accommodation facilities and services offered by our company and the supplier of the hotel. 

Information regarding the hotel’s category such as stars and the services offered are very crucial information offered by the hotels and suppliers. Also, some hotels are rated based on customers’ reviews. 

It should be noted that suppliers use different terminologies to describe their services such as accommodation and facilities. Some hotels use double room and deluxe room to refer to rooms with two different beds. An extra foldable bed id provided in the triple rooms. 

In case the client does not understand the description presented on the website, feel free to call agent for inquiries. 

Because of various reasons like maintenance and weather, some facilities presented in the description may be removed. 

Whenever suppliers advise to edit information on some descriptions, our company will notify the customers the soonest time possible. 

Also, some facilities and activities like water sports may be absent during particular times of the year. Other facilities such as safety boxes, TV, Tennis courts, umbrellas, air conditioning and billiard tables may need the client to pay extra fee. 

During high seasons, some places are crowded and this requires the client to be prepared for such an environment. When planning a trip, the client should consider this factors.

The time taken to travel from your room to the airport may not be accurate as mentioned on the website, sometimes it varies based on the circumstances.

Babies and children’s policy depend on the policy of the supplier. Some hotels have their own policies regarding children and babies. There are those that will give additional beds for the children whenever requested. Other hotels have restrictions regarding the number of beds each room can accommodate. 

Also, some hotels may charge additional fee to provide another bed(s) for the children. The policy is dependent on the age of children and also differs depending on the hotel as well as country. 

Check-out and check-in policy is based on the supplier’s policy. It is important to note that any client requests not listed in the policy document are dependent on the availability of the hotel like late check-out, early check-in, higher floor rooms, adjacent rooms, and non-smoking rooms. All these preferences are done through the hotel, thus reserves no right to guarantee for such requests. 

City tax: some of the hotels may charge extra fee for particular cities which are paid directly to the government or the hotel.

Hotels Policy

Early check-out: There are hotels that are likely to refund money for the unused nights as a result of high demand or high seasons. Also, this policy is used to non-shows, where the hotels decides on the charges to impose on the client, whether it all the amount or part of the fee. 

Changing the occupant’s names: Some of the hotels agree to change the names of the occupants while others do not. 

Amendment policy: If the client requests for booking amendment, the supplier may request for extra fees in order to amend the booking. Based on the service, this additional fee differ from one service to another. For instance, if a client requests to move from a single room to a double room or change the date and/or time of check-in, they should call the customer service center. Also, recommends that a customer will be given a new bill if he/she extends. 

Cancellation policy: The cancellation policy is subjected to the supplier’s restrictions and rules and it attracts different charges as imposed by the supplier. 

If the customer wants to cancel his/her booking from our website. First, log in to your account and request to cancel your booking. Alternatively, you can call the customer call center. 

Room upgrade: Customers can upgrade their rooms through website and pay the price difference before a particular period as determined with the supplier. Ability to upgrade a client’s room depends on the availability and does not guarantee that a client will get room upgrade once they arrive at the hotel. 

Sometimes, the client can pay room upgrade fee directly to the hotel’s management. 

The customer reserves no right to claim for refund of the non-refundable bookings, except in dire circumstances. The supplier must approve before the client gets refund. would like to note that in case our website denies cancellation or amendment, the client can contact the customer service centre via 9200 105 77 in order to finish the procedure. 

Changing hotels

As a result of hotel overbooking, the supplier may be forced to cancel a client’s reservation. Besides hotel overbooking, reservations may be annulled due to technical problems with the system and influence of the government when they apply force to secure an area during incidences such as fire outbreaks. In such cases, our company does everything possible to offer an alternative reservation on the same location and of similar class. 

Airlines policy

The airline internationally carries carriage, cargo and passengers based on the international rules and regulations that have been formulated by the regulatory bodies. 

The amending and cancellation charges solely depend on the carrier. Some of the airlines are likely to impose class fees such as first class, economy and business class. Each class has its own cancellation policies as well as cancellation charges. 

Domestic flight passengers should avail themselves at the airport before the time of plane’s departure. In fact, it is recommended that they should be present at the airport one and half hours prior to the plane’s departure unless specified otherwise.  

In case a customer is unable to reach the airport at the specified time, the client is require to call customer services center and confirm the status of the flight base on the airline’s regulations.